The CD3D PinkSale IDO Event & Token Sales Development

Our next sale event will be held on PinkSale!

Token Name: CD3D (CD3D)
Token Address: 0x9108c36DC1DCbf08187D4f4D4579D72e6A35d979

Sale Time: 10.22.21, 12PM GMT — 10.24.21, 12PM GMT
Soft/Hard Cap: 225 BNB / 450 BNB
Min/Max Buy: 0.1 BNB / 5 BNB
Sale Rate: 1 BNB = 9500 CD3D
ApeSwap Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 6000 CD3D
Liquidity: 51%
Liquidity Lockup Time: 9999 days
Sale page:

To our airdrop participants:

We appreciate your understanding while we dealt with technical difficulties in distribution of promotional tokens. In order to ensure the health of the token price and project, we are vesting your tokens until after our ICO token sales are done.

With little market depth and rampant dumping from the tokens already distributed, the token price has dropped unnecessarily from the average auction token price. In order to maintain the value of the token moving forward, we will complete our distribution of the airdropbot tokens once our ICO token sales are done. $0.10+ per CD3D > $0.01 per CD3D, IMHO.

Transaction fees are now ON

For those who were early participants in the auction or free market trading, we hope you have enjoyed a few days of transaction fee-free trading. However, it’s now time to earn DIVIDENDS.

It will now be 10% to buy but 15% to sell. Please adjust your slippage accordingly (i.e. minimum 12% to buy, 17% to sell). Fees, however, will be turned off for the PinkSale IDO event.

We appreciate your continued interest and support. Stay tuned for promotional events around the PinkSale IDO!

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