How to participate in the CD3D PinkSale

Thank you for your interest in the CD3D PinkSale IDO Event!

If you are new to the PinkSale platform, or IDO buying in general, PinkSale has prepared a couple of documents for you.

How to Buy:
How to Claim Your Tokens:

Please note that CD3D has earned the prestigious KYC badge on the sale page. This means that our team has been doxxed and verified. We are real people working a real project, to create REAL VALUE for you.

Token Name: CD3D (CD3D)
Token Address: 0x9108c36DC1DCbf08187D4f4D4579D72e6A35d979

Sale Time: 10.22.21, 12PM GMT — 10.24.21, 12PM GMT
Soft/Hard Cap: 225 BNB / 450 BNB
Min/Max Buy: 0.1 BNB / 5 BNB
Sale Rate: 1 BNB = 9500 CD3D
ApeSwap Listing Rate: 1 BNB = 6000 CD3D
Liquidity: 51%
Liquidity Lockup Time: 9999 days
Sale page:




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Your home for entertainment and daily fantasy MOVIES.

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