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Network: Binance Smart Chain
Symbol: CD3D
Decimals: 9
Proof of Lock/Burn:





please use minimum 12% slippage when buying to account for transaction fee

Staking (UniFarm):
- Cohort 37: stake CD3D, earn three other tokens!
- expires 10/26/22

Staking (Dodo):
- (expired)
- (expired)
- (expired)
- (expired)
Explainer vid:
DraftStream explainer vid:
Whitepaper: (translations HERE)
Game Design Lookbook:
Token Site:
Company/Game Site:

Black People & Cryptocurrency Facebook Group 9/30/21
BSC Army 10/4/21
PinkSale 10/22/21
AMA Wednesday — SUNDAY EDITION 11/7/21
VC with EJ the CD3D CEO 11/9/21
CD3D CEO Pre-Sale Daily AMA 11/12/21
CD3D CEO Pre-Sale Daily AMA 11/13/21
CD3D CEO Pre-Sale Daily AMA 11/14/21
CD3D CEO Pre-Sale Daily AMA 11/15/21
CD3D CEO Sale Impromptu AMA 11/15/21

For the complete list of videos, please visit the CD3D playlist here.

Your Questions — ANSWERED

How do I join the whitelist?
Just sign up:
Due to gas fees, the PinkSale page whitelist will be added closer to the sale date; please check our updating CONFIRMED WHITELIST here:

Final list will be uploaded to the PinkSale sale page at 3PM UTC, 11.15.21.

250 slots are available
All addresses who contribute 1 BNB or more will be automatically entered in our 100,000 CD3D giveaway (5 winners)!

PROMOTERS WELCOME! Please contact to learn about our promoter’s special benefits and offer for your community.

Why are there so many holders if this is a presale?
Because it’s not a presale!

CD3D originally launched to a batch auction sale on our platform October 7, 2021.
Then we had a smaller sale on the Dodo exchange, to which 2M of our tokens are locked until 11.10.21. That explains this address contract.

Although we are enjoying the benefits of PinkSale’s innovative presale platform, CD3D is not a true presale. We are a whitelisted sale event!

When listing on PancakeSwap/ApeSwap?
After our batch auction sale last month, we established small liquidity pools on both PCS and Ape. They were small because our sales were small. Liquidity on these sites are still limited, sometimes with slippage rates over 40% or more due to the lack of liquidity.

After our successful PinkSale, post-sale liquidity will be available on ApeSwap primarily. Until we have future sales or liquidity events, PancakeSwap liquidity may remain limited or low. Also as transactional activity, utility, and revenues grow, we will consider adding liquidity to PancakeSwap and other exchanges with our 150K monthly liquidity reserved for external exchanges. For early holders of the token facing exchanges where liquidity is low and slippage is high, we suggest that they HOLD until more people buy CD3D, our sales have concluded, or future liquidity is added.

For more on slippage and its effects on a decentralized exchange, read more here.

What/who are these big wallets??
Due to excessive rugging in the DeFi space, we understand your hesitancy of a new token with some unexplained balances. Let us explain!


Burn Address

Our dead account. We burned 40M tokens at launch to account for our 2.4% burn per transaction.

Legion Network: Vesting

These are all the tokens we have locked with Team.Finance. Please refer to our Proof of Lock blog post.


This is our ICO tokens wallet. 20M are for sale and will only be used in sales events, DEXs and CEXs.


This is our Marketing wallet. Of the 10M unlocked for marketing, 33% is locked for 2 years so we don’t spend it all at once.


This is our PinkSale sale contract.

These are our leftover tokens from the Dodo Sale, unlocking and returning to our ICO tokens wallet 11.10.21.


This is our Liquidity wallet. 500,000 CD3D a month will be moved here temporarily until we can find homes for these tokens. The plan is to provide 350,000/month through our site for exchange, staking, farming, etc. The other 150,000 a month we will use to provide liquidity on other DEXs and list on CEXs as well. Once our DEX launchpad has, well, launched, this wallet will be considerably smaller.




This is a Gnosis safe of Marketing tokens I have segregated for ICO token sale activities.

For more details on the allocation of our token supply and general tokenomics, please read our whitepaper or Tokenomics section on our homepage.

I participated in the CD3D airdrop in September but have not received my tokens?
Regarding the tokens, in order to ensure the health of the token price and project, we are vesting your tokens until after our ICO token sales are done.

With little market depth and rampant dumping from the tokens already distributed, the token price had dropped unnecessarily from the average auction token price. In order to maintain the value of the token moving forward, we will complete our distribution of the airdropbot tokens once our ICO token sales events are done.

We will keep the community informed should your distribution status change.

What happened to the last sale?
We canceled our first sale due to some mistakes we made that led to undesirable results. If you contributed to the last sale, please make sure to reclaim your funds from the previous sale page.

We changed the time because I had always wanted to do our sale at 12PM GMT and, mistakenly, entered it as my home time zone, which is GMT-7, or 5AM. 12PM GMT gives us the best international access for our community as a time to start a sale.

As one of the few doxxed, legit, IRL companies working on an ACTUAL product before our token sale, we want the token price to better reflect the beginning of the future value of the token’s utility. We are about 6–8 weeks from launching our fantasy sports-style movie game and look forward to sharing “the DraftKings of Hollywood” with the world. We feel this current price is not only appropriate to help fund our operations, but also a great jumping off point for sustainable, long-term growth.

Why 51% liquidity?
The rest of the funds will be to finance our operations and development. As an established, 5-year old, brick-and-mortar company that is in active development on both the DraftStream game and DEX launchpad, we have very real expenses that require funding. We are 90% bootstrapped, without any venture capital.

This is not a product-less, utility-free memecoin we’re working on over here. We build games and products — and we’re in this for the long haul. EVERYTHING we do with this token is for the LONG TERM health of the price, project, and the community. I haven’t been working on this for five years to screw it all up now!

As far as our monthly liquidity releases of 500,000 CD3D — 30% of which (150K) will go on external exchanges — we are looking for opportunities for holders to stake their tokens.

Our first farm can be found here on Dodo.

We look forward to offering more ways to earn tokens for the long term investor with our monthly liquidity releases.

Why 9999 days of locked liquidity?
Because we’re not trying to remove liquidity — ever. That liquidity will be there for whenever people need it. We would’ve burned the LPs if it were up to us.



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