$CD3D UniFarm stakers get ready to WIN!

💫”The $500 Housie for Stakers Event” By UniFarm

👉The Eligible wallet list of CinemaDraft/CD3D Community for #Housie4Stakers (https://www.notion.so/unifarm/HOUSIE4STAKERS-BY-UNIFARM-beafa2474e414b08b9d113571de64e66) participants is here 👈

“All the wallet addresses that staked above $50 worth of Tokens in UniFarm Pools are eligible”🎉

Next steps:👇
Step 1 — Check if you are eligible here:

Step 2 — Fill out this form (https://airtable.com/shrQRkAhZRcWbwGJd) to get your Housie NFT

Step 3 — We will airdrop NFT tickets to users who fill the form before 10 AM UTC on 19th Aug🏃🏻‍♂️

Step 4— The game will start at 12 PM UTC on 19th Aug on UniFarm Telegram Channel (https://t.me/unifarm)

1. Rewards: $500
2. IDO Allocation for the next IDO on our platform (Discounted price)

1. Campaign and how to play Housie is mentioned here

2. Also if you have not posted on this Tweet (https://twitter.com/unifarm_/status/1555283342345453568), please post it🤞

3. Housie NFT will be airdropped tomorrow before the game💰

4.Fill out the form (https://airtable.com/shrQRkAhZRcWbwGJd) to receive your Housie NFT.

Thank you for staking and keep Staking✌️



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