CD3D Sale ENDS + NEW Dodo Staking!

Once again, THANK YOU to all our CD3D Batch Auction Sale BUYERS!

You may now claim your tokens. Please check your wallets for CD3D.

Contract details below:

Network: Binance Smart Chain
Contract: 0x9108c36dc1dcbf08187d4f4d4579d72e6a35d979
Symbol: CD3D
Decimals: 9

We recognize that we screwed up the tech side of the sale today. As a thank you for your patience and makegood for those who missed out, please enjoy an unprecedented daily giveaway of CD3D through staking on the Dodo platform.

The longer you stake the more you MAKE!

Starts: 3/31/22
Ends: 4/30/22
30 days
1,000,000 CD3D
- yes, that’s 33,333 CD3D given out A DAY!


Also please join us for the inaugural test game for DRAFTSTREAM! Sign up for free (no wallet required) and join our Main Slate Test game by 1AM UTC, 4.1.22.

2000 CD3D to the (non-CinemaDraft employee) winner!

*please use your desktop machine for the best experience




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Your home for entertainment and daily fantasy MOVIES.

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