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Congratulations to all the hardworking bounty campaigners on winning your share of 500,000 CD3D!

So what’s next?


Until our DraftStream game and CD3D DEX launchpad are fully operational, the price of CD3D is artificially low and hard to sell (high slippage on decentralized exchanges).

Why not STAKE your tokens to earn even MORE tokens you can sell when the price and liquidity are higher??



In this impromptu, sale day voice chat, Edwardo demonstrates how to use the Batch Auction Sale workaround, announces a 1 MILLION $CD3D staking pool, and a quick preview of what you can use CD3D with: DraftStream’s community test debut!

8M CD3D for sale
- 30% bonus to all sales 1000 CD3D+
- 40% bonus if all 8M CD3D are sold

Ends: 6AM UTC, 3.31.22

Min Buy: $10 BUSD
Max Buy: $15,000 BUSD
Min Bid: $0.03 BUSD
Bids filled highest to lowest until all tokens are SOLD

  • Tokens distributed after 8AM UTC, 3.31.22

Check out this two minute video on how to use the Batch Auction for today’s sale!